16 Crazy Fun Restaurants in Las Vegas

16 Crazy Fun Restaurants in Las Vegas

It should go without saying that Las Vegas is THE place to visit for fun and feast of most any kind at any time. From overnight cafes to late night pizza parlors, family restaurants, lounges, and more, there is no limit on exactly how, when, and where you could get a good meal in the city that never sleeps.

The very fact that you could enjoy several world-class dining experiences in the same city from morning to midnight makes Las Vegas a truly unique and special place for food lovers. Kind visit us cashcomet.co.uk

16 Crazy Fun Restaurants in Las Vegas

What about the places in town that are known for both food and fun? Where are they located? What do they offer? And what kind of experience can be gained for those in search of great meals and memories?

To help provide some insight into dining options that offer both, here is a list of 16 crazy fun restaurants to visit in Las Vegas.

1. Heart Attack Grill

If you are looking for an opportunity to get served and spanked by your waitress, then look no further than the Heart Attack Grill. Created by former fitness expert Jon Basso, the Heart Attack Grill was designed to allow diners to feast on very unhealthy food with some brutally honest titles.

Such menu items include Flatliner Fries (deep fried in lard), Butterfat Shakes, and burgers ranging in size from single to quadruple beef patties. Anyone who fails to finish their meal will incur the wrath of a “nurse” who will happily administer a butt-whack attack (spanking) to the guilty guest.

Open to customers of all ages, the Heart Attack Grill Smokers is a great spot to visit for that once-in-a-lifetime dining experience—which may very well become the case for repeat customers!

2. Rainforest Cafe

When you think of the Las Vegas climate, lush and tropical probably aren’t the first thoughts that come to mind. But if you took a trip down the strip near Planet Hollywood, then you’d find a good crossover between a rainforest and a restaurant: the Rainforest Cafe.

Launched in the early 1990s, Rainforest Cafe grew from one location to 25 worldwide today. Developed with technology that runs animatronics, simulated thunderstorm sounds, waterfalls, and other tropical tricks, guests step into a scene no different to those found in The Jungle Book.

Featuring simple and sophisticated dishes, kids activities, and a gift store to boot, the Rainforest Cafe is ideal for anyone eager to let their wild side out in a restaurant that openly welcomes it.

3. Hi Scores Bar-Arcade

As a child, did you ever get the urge to play video games before, during, or after dinner? If so, then Hi Scores Bar-Arcade might be the perfect place to relive those memories and get a good meal.

Created by Richard Ditton, a former NASA software engineer, Hi Scores Bar-Arcade provides a casual, comfortable hangout for guests 21 and over. The restaurant features a host of old and new video games, cold beers, and insanely good food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Without a doubt, Hi Scores Bar-Arcade is an excellent choice for diners looking to enjoy a game of Pac-Man and an omelet with friends.

4. BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark

For anyone who has ever been hungry enough to meet with that special someone and do it in the dark (do dining, that is), then BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark might be a great place to try.

BLACKOUT takes guests on a subtle rush through their senses as they get escorted into a pitch-black dining room void of all light. Guided by waitstaff with night-vision goggles, the restaurant offers a fixed menu designed to excite the taste buds and reignite the senses.

Open until 11 pm every day, BLACKOUT offers a crazy fun dining experience that you will always remember but never see.

5. Café Sanuki

While the idea of loudly slurping your food may not be appropriate in other restaurants, it is in fact warmly welcomed at Café Sanuki, which prides itself on perfecting the art of the Udon noodle.

In addition to its fresh food and MSG-free ingredients, Café Sanuki encourages guests to engage in a ‘sit, stay, and slurp away’ policy where the act of loudly slurping your noodles is accepted and reflective of how much you enjoyed your meal, which is standard practice at noodle bars in Japan. The cafeteria-style setup and authentic Sanuki cuisine make this restaurant a must-stop shop.

Popular with Las Vegas locals, Café Sanuki also promotes discount specials and contests that take place right inside the restaurant and thus make it a great place to visit for Udon lovers of all ages.

6. Top of the World Restaurant

If you like to eat under the stars, then you’ll probably see more of those at this restaurant than at any other! Perched 800 feet above Las Vegas, the Top of the World Restaurant offers guests breathtaking views of the city and heavens from its home in the Stratosphere hotel and casino, the tallest building in Las Vegas.

7. Beauty & Essex

What happens when you combine upscale American dining with jewelry-themed décor and beautiful lighting? The answer is The Cosmopolitan’s Beauty & Essex, which fuses these ideas into a dining experience that begins by entering it through an unsuspecting antique pawn shop.

8. DW Bistro

If you are looking for a hotspot that may not be on the Strip but offers as much of an exciting gourmet experience as any on it, then the DW Bistro is the place to go. Featuring a Jamaican-Mexican menu, this is a delightfully distinct restaurant that is family-friendly and loved by locals!

9. Rose. Rabbit. Lie.

If you are open to enjoy a great dinner and a show that may surprise you at the same time, then here is your chance to have that at Rose. Rabbie. Lie. at The Cosmopolitan. A restaurant, bar, and show rolled into one, this place offers high-class dining fused with live entertainment every night. Expect dancers, singers, and live music.

10. The Chocolate Lounge Las Vegas

What do candy, liquor, and good food have in common? Each one can be tempting on their own, and merely irresistible if shown all together. At The Chocolate Lounge in the Sugar Factory in Las Vegas, this place offers enough sweet treats to make Willy Wonka come out from his factory!

11. Nine Fine Irishmen

Whether you choose to check it out on St. Patrick’s Day or try it on any other day for that matter, Nine Fine Irishmen is at New York-New York is a pub that is well worth a visit. It features 80+ different spirits, traditional Irish fare, and very tempting sweets like their Bailey’s Crème Brûlée.

12. Sparrow + Wolf

Nestled in Chinatown and themed on classical culinary styles revised with a modern twist, the Sparrow + Wolf offers a fusion of Asian cuisine prepared with live-fire cooking methods. Featuring a menu that changes weekly, this is an ideal for those who like to wine & dine with style.

13. Picasso

For any art lovers who admired work from the late-great Pablo Picasso, here is an opportunity to view many of his paintings while enjoying an elegant dining experience. Located at the Bellagio, Picasso features award-winning 4-course menus of exotic French cuisine, wine, and dessert.

14. Dick’s Last Resort

Although arrogant waiters rarely last long at their jobs, at Dick’s Last Resort they are in demand. Designed to provide excellent food with a rude attitude, Dick’s offers all-American dining with good-natured teasing by servers, who also expect it to receive a similar amount of sass from their guests.

15. minus5º Ice Experience

Looking for the coolest spot in Vegas? You will quite literally find that at the minus5º Ice Experience. Located in the Venetian and Mandalay Bay, minus5º Ice Experience offers guests a bar made entirely out of ice with temperatures at minus 5 degrees Celsius/23 degrees Fahrenheit.

16. Mermaid Lounge

If you have ever wondered if mermaids exist, then the Mermaid Lounge at Silverton may be a great place to see one. Your experience will include dining near a giant 117,000-gallon saltwater aquarium housing 4,000 tropical fish, mermaids disguised as servers, and swimmers who dive into the tank and feed the fish!

Given how new dining options are always on the rise in Las Vegas, your best bet at experiencing the crazy fun restaurants in town is to try out as many of them as you can, starting with this list. And hey who knows, you may very well enjoy getting booty slapped by a naughty nurse, cooling off in a giant ice bar at minus5º, eat mouth-watering food without seeing any of it, play XBOX over a beer with buddies, or eat authentic Udon in a place surrounded by slurp-happy customers.

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