Udon noodles have just the right amount of chewiness and flavor, made with simple ingredients. Although the ingredients are basic, the preparation is a time-honored tradition. The noodle dish comes with a specific set of rules focused on how to carefully prepare this low-cost, high-value food that is widely popular in Japan and across the globe.

Preparing the Udon Noodle at Cafe Sanuki

From the ingredients to the process, everything was sourced directly from Japan – some for the first time. The flour used to create the noodles; the seaweed and anchovies used in the broth base; the machinery used to mix the dough and allow it to rise, and the water and broth used to cook the noodles were all imported or created to replicate the Udon noodle process found in Sanuki.

At Cafe Sanuki, noodles will be prepared fresh throughout the day and cooked to order in a glass-enclosed kitchen for all diners to see. Other items will include tempura, handrolls, vegetables, fresh-squeezed orange juice, Asian teas and eight signature drinks from around the globe.

Udon Explained: A Visual Guide

cafe sanuki udon healthy alternative to ramen

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