14 Las Vegas Chinatown Restaurants With Food to Kill Over

14 Las Vegas Chinatown Restaurants With Food to Kill Over

Las Vegas may be known as ‘The Entertainment Capital of the World’ as one of its main claims to fame, but there is another part of this city that is not as well-known and where anyone can visit anytime. Just around the corner from the Strip off the Interstate 15 freeway and running along a road it shares with a major resort (Treasure Island on Spring Mountain Road), there is a place that exists almost as a small city unto itself—Chinatown.

Chinatown Las Vegas

Although Chinatowns may exist in other cities, one of the biggest reasons why Chinatown in Vegas stands apart is because of how it caters to a very large and global audience. Every year, well over 40 million people travel to Las Vegas from around the world to shop, play, and stay for a week or weekend.

During that visit, opportunities are always available for visitors to venture outside the casinos to try dining options that may not always be found on the Strip—especially in nearby places like Chinatown.

The Best Las Vegas Chinatown Restaurants

Given how Chinatown features over a hundred restaurants in a somewhat small shopping area (just a few miles long), it can be hard to decide on which restaurant would have the highest quality food, service, and settings.  

To help with that decision-making process, here is a list 14 of the most amazing Las Vegas Chinatown restaurants to visit, all of which offering food to kill over (minus the ‘kill’ part).  

1. Asian BBQ & Noodle

Nestled in a corner just off Jones and Desert Inn Road, Asian BBQ & Noodle is a restaurant with a name that speaks for itself. Known for its no-frills counter service, this cash-only restaurant offers guests a variety of Cantonese-style barbecue food. From roast duck to roast pork to dumplings and more, Asian BBQ & Noodle is a great go-to place for those craving good barbecue at a low price.   

2. Fukuburger

While a burger may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Japanese food, burgers are very much what Fukuburger is all about. Fukuburger is a gourmet food truck and burger joint perfected with a Japanese twist. Known for its all-beef Fuku patty burgers made in a variety of different ways, Fukuburger offers guests non-beef items as well like chicken katsu, garlic fries, macaroni salad, and more.

3. Fiesta Filipina Cuisine

For those who crave a little taste of authentic Filipino cuisine, Fiesta Filipina may be for your best bet for it. This restaurant is known for its grilled tilapia fish, veggie lumpias, and juicy meat skewers. With multiple locations throughout the city (one in Chinatown and two others elsewhere in Vegas), Fiesta Filipina Cuisine is a place worth trying for its quality food.

4. Pho 87

If you have never had Vietnamese food before, then this would be a great place to try it out. A cash-only spot in Chinatown, Pho 87 is known for its oxtail pho, vermicelli noodles, and Vietnamese coffee. This restaurant also has a kid-friendly atmosphere and would be a great choice for any family.

5. Sushi Kaya

In the mood to grab sushi with your friends? How about a place that offers over 60 different types of special rolls? If so, then Sushi Kaya is the place for you. This is a place known for its very wide array of special rolls with very interesting names (Jack Pot Roll and Sex Bomb Roll—to name a few), Korean appetizers, and all-you-can-eat sushi options.

6. Tofu Hut

Located just off Spring Mountain and Wynn Road, Tofu Hut is a scrumptious little storefront offering an all-you-can-eat menu of Korean barbecue at a very good price. Popular for its kimchi, barbecue short ribs, and house specials using fresh tofu, pot stews, and more, Tofu Hut would be an ideal place for anyone eager for some fresh Korean barbecue offered at a low cost.  

7. Harbor Palace Seafood Restaurant

A thriving Chinese restaurant, Harbor Palace Seafood Restaurant has been at home in Chinatown since 1998. Located on the westernmost tip of Chinatown plaza, this is a restaurant that is known for its wide array of seafood options, all-day dim sum carts, late-night dinner specials, lobster, barbecue spare ribs, and even dishes cooked with frog legs. Harbor Palace would be a good choice for anyone looking for a traditional Chinese restaurant with many options at low prices.  

8. Chada Thai & Wine

For those who enjoy a good glass of wine over a nice dinner for two, then Chada Thai & Wine could be a great place for that experience. The restaurant offers dishes like tofu soup, lobster tail, and very sweet Thai iced tea. As Chada Thai & Wine combines refined Thai cuisine with select wines in a romantic setting, this is an ideal for couples, groups, or most anyone looking for a sophisticated dining experience in Chinatown.

9. Honey Pig

Have you ever had the urge to grab some grilled Korean barbecue at all hours of the night? Chances are you will find a good place to get that at the Honey Pig. Open 24 hours, the Honey Pig is known for its Korean pork belly, beef brisket, and a wide variety of all-you-can-eat lunch and dinner options. Popular with both small and large groups, the Honey Pig is a great choice for anyone hungry for cheap eats in a casual setting at virtually any time of the day.

10. Chengdu Taste

For anyone who loves the bold and spicy flavors of Szechuan cuisine, Chengdu Taste is a great place to go get it. A casual, cozy place known for its family atmosphere, this restaurant offers guests a wide array of traditional Szechuan dishes as well as foods featuring ingredients like pigs’ feet, spicy frog, and even rabbit. Hands down, Chengdu Taste is worth a try for anyone in the mood for some casual comfort food, Szechuan style.   

11. Veggie Delight

Nestled into the corner of Spring Mountain and Wynn Road, Veggie Delight is the ultimate veggie lovers’ paradise. They’re popular for a wide variety of faux-meat dishes like veggie pork skin hand rolls, veggie shrimp hand rolls, and Taiwanese beef noodle soup. Veggie Delight is also known for its sweet milk teas and extensive Chinese vegan options, making it an ideal choice for anyone interested in a quick and casual spot for both vegan and vegetarian dining.

12. GO!KU J-Wraps & Ramen

If you’re in the mood for ramen and sushi in a casual setting, then GO!KU J-Wraps & Ramen is a great choice. Renowned for its umami chicken, seaweed salad, soup bowls, sushi rolls, and various ramen options, GO!KU J-Wraps & Ramen provides guests with the very best dishes of ramen and sushi (which are two very popular foods in Japan). This restaurant offers a very cool and casual setting for some Asian comfort that could be enjoyed anytime.

13. Sapporo Revolving Sushi

Have you ever known what it was like to sit down to a plate of food and then kinda forget where you had placed it right after? Well, if you haven’t had that experience yet, then chances are you probably will have it at Sapporo Revolving Sushi, where your chances of getting a good meal could quite literally pass you by. Known for its conveyer belt sushi service system that allows guests to pick up whatever item they want off the menu, Sapporo is a great choice for anyone eager to enjoy fresh sushi in a more fun and innovative way.   

14. Café Sanuki

If you’re looking for an authentic taste of Japan in Las Vegas, Café Sanuki would be the place to find it. Known for using fresh, organic ingredients imported from Japan, Café Sanuki is the go-to spot for authentic Udon noodles. With a growing menu of MSG-free meat and veggie dishes, pork belly bao munchies, and even the first-ever Calpico (Japanese sweet drink) juice dispenser in Las Vegas, this is a place that is worth checking out due to its great food, friendly service, and family atmosphere.

Regardless of which restaurant in Chinatown catches your eye the most, it is always important to remember how the core basics of quality food, service, and atmosphere should always come to mind anytime you decide to dine out at a restaurant food to kill over—with a knife and fork.

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14 Las Vegas Chinatown Restaurants With Food to Kill Over

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