Cafe Sanuki Is Humbled By the Big Las Vegas Welcome

Cafe Sanuki Is Humbled By the Big Las Vegas Welcome

At Café Sanuki, we have always believed in the idea of how “it takes a village to raise a child,” an African Proverb that asserts that anything of great value in this world can only be made so based on what was first put into it by the enduring love and support of others who were conducive to that growth.

Such is why we at Café Sanuki have been so humbled by the very warm welcome we have received from Las Vegas locals and visitors alike who have made Café Sanuki one of the most popular Udon noodle hotspots to open in 2017.

The Café Sanuki Story

Long before we became an authentic Udon destination for noodle lovers everywhere, the origins of our lovely little restaurant bar began with the dream of one man driven to bring an authentic taste of Japan to Las Vegas, and here’s how he did that.

It Started in Sanuki, Japan

Dissatisfied by the lack of quality Udon dishes he found in restaurants elsewhere, our founder Henry Fan ventured 5,850 miles from America to the village of Sanuki, Japan to find out exactly what quality Udon truly was.

Once in Sanuki, Henry not only learned how authentic Udon was made from scratch, but he also learned about how the noodle itself was still being prepared by experienced Udon Masters who had perfected their craft and passed it down from generation to generation.

Following the Guidance of Udon Masters

Inspired to bring this authentic taste of Udon from Japan to Las Vegas, Henry approached the Udon Masters with a request to bring their quality taste back to the states. Initially, these seasoned experts were hesitant to allow their cooking practices to be shared elsewhere due to how often those standards were diluted by restaurants who were not quality-conscious.   

Henry eventually earned their blessing after he agreed to help guarantee the quality of his authentic Udon by flying them to Las Vegas twice a year for quality assurance. Café Sanuki is now the perfect recipe for an all-new Udon hotspot based on a fusion of time-honored cooking standards, wholesome ingredients, and an ancient noodle dish first created centuries ago in the village of Sanuki, Japan.

Our Udon Restaurant’s Grand Opening in Las Vegas

From November 14th-22nd of 2017, shortly after construction was complete at our new location on the corner of Decatur and Spring Mountain Road (the gateway to Chinatown), Café Sanuki first opened its doors to the public in a very subtle yet significant way via a soft grand opening.

On the surface, a soft grand opening is indeed just that, an event that is light on the festivities and heavy on the food—to which we took great pride in preparing for our new guests maid near me. The soft grand opening was designed to quietly allow our awaiting public to try out a variety of new dishes for the first time while also providing us with a real-world test of how effective and efficient our serving system was.

Based on how well-received our authentic Udon dishes and service was received that day, it’s safe to say that Café Sanuki’s soft grand opening may have begun with a quiet start yet finished off with some very loud and proud reviews.

Cafe Sanuki Is Honored By the Overwhelming Response

If it is true that actions speak louder than words, then without a doubt the actions of our adoring public have definitely spoken louder than any thanks we could give for them. Words fail to state how honored we have been by the overwhelming response we have received via platforms such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook (to name a few).

200 Yelp Reviews in Just 2 Months

In the social media mindset we live in today, it should go without saying that businesses are born and built on a revenue-by-reputation existence, that how well a business does for itself is largely based on how well-received it is by the customers for which it serves. No better proof of this truth can be found than in the pages of Yelp reviews, where Café Sanuki immediately garnered 200 of them within the first two months of its soft grand opening in November 2017.  

Ranging in scope from comments on Café Sanuki’s unique attention to detail in its Japanese restaurant design to its porcelain food models which provide a realistic preview of the fresh-cooked dishes served to some very satisfied guests, Café Sanuki has indeed received a very strong and positive reception just barely after opening.

An Average Rating of 4.5 Stars on Yelp and 4.4 Stars on Google

A quick glance at either of these platforms can conveniently provide potential customers with a credible idea of what to expect at Café Sanuki before they come in to experience it themselves To that end, we are proud to share our near-perfect rating of 4.5 stars on Yelp and 4.4 stars on Google since both ratings serve as a very real reflection of our enduring drive and dedication to serve our guests a level of authentic Udon that surpasses all others.

3,587 Likes on Facebook

If Café Sanuki was an actual friend on Facebook, then it would undoubtedly be one of the most well-liked friends around. Based on the Udon-believable 3,587 likes it has received so far, that’s one very friendly friend, one that could become most anyone’s newest U-BFF (Udon Best Friend Forever).    

Over 1,100 Photos Posted of Café Sanuki So Far

Whoever said that a picture is a worth a thousand words definitely knew what they were talking about. Our amazing fans have quite literally helped communicate over a million words of praise for Café Sanuki based on the over 1,100 photos that have been taken of our restaurant since we first opened in 2017.

Visit for more info there’s everything from fun selfies and group photos to foodie selfies to our signature Café Sanuki-selfies (which are photos that show a combination of all the above). This shows that Café Sanuki has indeed become not just a place to enjoy authentic Udon but also the place to capture it on camera, broadcast it live, and share with anyone and everyone in the world as so desired by our guests.

That’s one of the reasons why our founder, Henry Fan, went through great lengths to carefully design Café Sanuki as the go-to destination for Udon aficionados everywhere who are looking for that perfect combination of fresh, organic, and never-frozen ingredients that have helped bring an authentic taste of Japan to Las Vegas.

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