The First and Only Calpico Dispenser in Las Vegas

The First and Only Calpico Dispenser in Las Vegas

Known as CALPIS in Japan—Calpico in the United States—and stands as an internationally recognized sweet sensation the world over, Calpico is one authentic beverage that just cannot be denied or ignored by anyone looking for a low-fat sweet drink with health benefits to boot.

Discovered in 1904 by CALPIS founder Kaiun Mishima while on a visit to Mongolia, the original drink was regarded by the natives there as healthy sustenance used to help them survive the harsh local climate with the help of

Impressed by the drink’s sweet taste and essential benefits it brought to restoring his digestive system, Kaiun returned to Japan with a goal to develop this beverage even further and introduce its health benefits to other people. Eventually, Kaiun’s hard work paid off when he established the first lactic acid drink in Japan now known as CALPIS.

What Does CALPIS Mean?

The name itself, CALPIS, comes from two specific words: “cal” from calcium and “pis” from “salpis,” the Sanskrit word for one of the five tastes of Buddhism. While CALPIS remains the name of choice in Japan, in the CALPIS company decided to change the name of the drink to Calpico for the American market because they believed CALPIS could be mispronounced to sound like an entirely different word unrelated to the drink.  

Since its creation, Calpico has gone on to become a world-class favorite among consumers in Japan, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Austria, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the U.K., and of course our very own United States of America.   

What is Calpico (Calpis)?

In a nutshell, Calpico is a dairy drink made from a balance of water, nonfat milk, friendly microorganisms conducive to good health, and sugar. The milk ferments with microorganisms like lactobacilli, which support the urinary, genital, and digestive systems of the human body and can provide other nutritional benefits as well.   

The drink then gets sweetened with sugar which, when combined with the lactobacilli, helps give Calpico it’s refreshingly sweet and tangy taste that has become popular worldwide.

What Is in Calpico?

  1. Water.
  2. Sugar.
  3. Nonfat milk.
  4. Proprietary yeast.
  5. Lactobacilli (friendly microorganisms).

Its taste has made Calpico into an indispensable product as consumers have used it to pour over dessert dishes like Kakigori (Japanese shaved ice), mix it in with yogurt, and use it in cocktails and ice cream.

While Calpico does come in a variety of fruit flavors, the original version remains an all-time favorite among fans, visit When it comes to buying Calpico, however, there are limits on exactly where and in what forms Calpico can be found right here in Las Vegas.  

Where Can You Buy Calpico in Las Vegas?

For as popular as it is around the world, Calpico is only available in pre-packaged bottles and cans in stores and restaurants throughout Las Vegas—or at least the restaurants that are NOT Café Sanuki.

At Café Sanuki, we are no fan of the can! In 2017, the original owners of Calpico, Calpis Co. Ltd, approached Café Sanuki owner Henry Fan with an offer to install their brand new Calpico dispenser in his restaurant. Eager to introduce another authentic taste of Japan to Las Vegas, Henry agreed to have the Calpico dispenser connected. The introduction of this dispenser has since made Café Sanuki the only restaurant in the entire city of Las Vegas to offer Calpico to its guests via the Calpico dispenser.

Cafe Sanuki Drink Station

At Café Sanuki, we are proud to offer our guests a wide variety of fountain drinks that range from Coca-Cola products to Harney & Sons Master Tea Blenders to homemade lemonade and more.

Calpico remains a popular drink choice at Cafe Sanuki for many reasons well beyond its quality of taste and digestive health benefits after thatpersonal trainers nearby and you are as healthy that you can be. Our exclusive use of the Calpico dispenser allows guests the opportunity to try out this fantastic drink firsthand before they decide to either go back for another cup or buy more from a store later.

If you have not yet tried out to Calpico for yourself, then please feel free to stop by Café Sanuki, where having a taste of our authentic Udon combined with a cup of this authentic Asian sweet drink will leave you with an authentic Japanese cuisine experience you will not soon forget!     

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