Points of Interest: The Kagawa Prefecture & The Sanuki Region

Points of Interest: The Kagawa Prefecture & The Sanuki Region

At Café Sanuki, we are proud to have a name that speaks to the origin of our authentic Udon in the Sanuki region of Kagawa, Japan.

Beyond the namesake of our noodles, the Sanuki province and Kagawa Prefecture offer so much more to see. From extensive gardens to animal parks and more, the attractions there are beyond beautiful and worth discovering for yourself.

The Sanuki Province

Before its modern-day founding, the Sanuki province once consisted of five towns that eventually merged into one territory and now shares the same boundaries as the Kagawa Prefecture.

The Kagawa Prefecture

Located on the northern tip of Shikoku Island in the Seto Inland Sea, the Kagawa Prefecture is renowned for being the “Jewel of the World.”

Home to a population of 976,263 living in 6 major cities and 5 towns, this warm and temperate land spans across 725 square miles and connects to mainland Japan both by air and bridge.

What Is the Kagawa Prefecture Famous For?

Although the Kagawa Prefecture is the smallest one in Japan, the cultural and historical significance of it is beyond comparison.

The Kagawa Prefecture is home to the capital city of Takamatsu and known for producing crops such as barley and rice. In addition to its food, Kagawa also features an array of ancient shrines, art exhibits, and other wonders that are sure to exceed the expectations of any travelers, look maid whiz.

Sanuki-Style Udon

Sanuki Udon is famous for being one of Japan’s three most famous Udon noodles, right next to Mizusawa Udon and Inaniwa Udon of the Gunma and Akita Prefectures.

The demand for Sanuki Udon is nothing short of growing as over 700 Sanuki Udon noodle bars thrive in the area. Although each noodle bar has its own unique take on Udon, many of them offer variations of the dishes below:

  • Kamaage Udon
  • Zaru Udon
  • Kitsune Udon
  • Kake Udon
  • Udon with tempura

At Café Sanuki, we offer these extraordinarily same authentic Udon dishes using recipes and ingredients native to this region.

Additional Points of Interest of the Kagawa Prefecture

There’s more points of interest than just authentic Udon. Visit the sights and sounds of the Kagawa Prefecture:

Konpira-san shrine

Dedicated to sailors and nestled on the slope of Mount Zozu in Kotohira, Kagawa, Konpira-san is one of several shrines found in Japan.

Revered for its fusion of Buddhist and Shinto architecture, the journey to reach Konpira-san is not an easy one as it requires visitors to make a vast 1,368 step climb to reach the inner shrine. For any visitors who get hungry along the way, there are Sanuki Udon bars positioned on the route.

For those who are unable or unwilling to do the climb, the service of a palanquin (carrier) is available at a cost ranging between 5,300-6,800 Yen ($49-$63 USD).

Still, regardless of whether you make the climb to the top or instead choose to get carried there in style, the Konpira-san is a sight worth seeing in the Kagawa Prefecture.

Choshikei Monkey Park

If you have ever wanted to meet a monkey on a mountain, then here is your chance—as there are about 500 of them at the Choshikei Monkey Park on Shodoshima Island in the Kagawa Prefecture.

Home to Japanese macaque (also known as snow monkeys), the Choshikei Monkey Park sits in the mountains of Shodoshima Island and are free to roam about at will. Guests are permitted to observe the monkeys in their natural habitat and feed them at designated times and locations.

Choshikei Monkey Park is a 20-minute drive from Tonosho Port and is only be accessible by rental car or taxi.

I Love Yu Naoshima Bath

For anyone attracted to artistic work both on and inside building interiors, then the I Love Yu Naoshima Bathhouse is a place worth giving a try.

Located on the “art island” of Naoshima, Kagawa Prefecture, I Love Yu is the brainchild of renowned artist Shinro Ohtake action solar. Designed to serve as both an art facility and original bathhouse, I Love Yu provides guests with an immersive experience in artwork reflected in the titles, ceiling, and walls of the building.

It costs about 650 Yen ($6.04) to enter, and visitors can also purchase items there ranging from t-shirts to towels to soap and other bathing essentials.

Ritsurin Garden

Hailed as one of the best gardens in Japan, Ritsurin Garden is an expansive park located in the capital city of Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture.

Designed by feudal lords hundreds of years ago, this old garden spans over 185 acres and features 6 ponds, 13 landscaped hills, and a teahouse that offers authentic matcha (powdered green tea).

Coming in at a ticket cost of 410 Yen for adults ($3.81), 170 Yen for children ($1.58), and group discounts for 20 or more, Ritsurin Garden is open all year round and worth a visit.

Although Café Sanuki is honored to promote and produce authentic Udon native to this part of Japan, we never forget that there are many more reasons to visit the Sanuki province and Kagawa Prefecture aside that goes well beyond its fantastic food.

To that end, we at Café Sanuki humbly welcome you to try the authentic Udon at our restaurant and also consider taking a flight to its origins in the Sanuki province of Kagawa, Japan.

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