Why Does Cafe Sanuki Close in the Middle of the Day?

Why Does Cafe Sanuki Close in the Middle of the Day?

Since opening our doors in November 2017, we’ve received 300+ positive reviews, local love from the critics in Las Vegas media, and a whopping 4,300 followers on Facebook (in fact, we were completely humbled by our Las Vegas welcome). So it’s completely understandable that we get a lot of foot traffic during the day.

But how would you feel if you got hungry after 4pm and arrived at Café Sanuki only to find its doors locked, barricaded, or otherwise closed to all guests?

What would you do? How would you react? And would you still try to get your Udon fix by patiently waiting at the door after 4pm? Or would you try to come back later in the day?  

Why Cafe Sanuki Closes in the Middle of the Day

If you did decide to remain at the door after 3pm, then you would most definitely be our #1 guest waiting in line at 5:30pm because that is when Café Sanuki reopens with all-new food, a fresh new staff, and a restaurant that has been re-cleaned, restocked, and fully restored to mint condition.

We do this to both maintain our standards of performance as well as remind our guests of one essential fact about our restaurant: at Café Sanuki, we take absolute pride in the perfection of our product every day, in every way.

Café Sanuki Midday Makeover

Every day between 3pm-5:30pm, Café Sanuki goes through what we call a “Midday Makeover.”

This Midday Makeover includes many tasks such as washing down the tables, floors, and bathrooms to cleaning up our kitchen, taking shipment of new stock, and preparing a whole new batch of ingredients to make fresh Udon for our evening guests. Here we have 5 Easy embroidery craft ideas to do with your kids.

Without a doubt, we consider this process to be nothing short of a labor of love because we love what we do, and we do it for you!

No Freezers, No Problem!

Our commitment to quality further reflects in the fact that we have no freezers at Café Sanuki. The reason for this is simple: fresh food is NOT frozen food sd airport transport. To remain true to our standards, we choose not to imitate competitors who may prepare fresh food that gets frozen for later use.

To us, freezing fresh food does not make any sense as it would make that food sound more like ‘faux fresh’ when served to a consumer.

We Prepare Our Ingredients Twice a Day.

Instead, we take a different approach to fresh food at Café Sanuki by preparing new ingredients twice a day, 7 days a week, via a select team of cooks hired for this task.

Arriving at the pre-opening hours before 11:30am and then returning once again to start the dinner prep at 3pm, our specialty-trained cooks come to Café Sanuki twice a day to do only one job very well: slice up new ingredients and prepare fresh new Udon for our guests arriving soon.

By deploying these teams of cooks to prepare ingredients twice a day, Café Sanuki guarantees that the authentic Udon and dishes we serve will be of the absolute highest quality anywhere in Vegas.

How Our Midday Makeover Helps Us Serve You

Although closing Café Sanuki for a Midday Makeover is not convenient for our guests, it is essential to our operations for many reasons.

Not only does it help us maintain the highest Fit Athletic Club standards of sanitation, freshness, and service, but it also allows us to preserve the quality that we demand of ourselves and you deserve as our guests.

And on that last, lovely note, we at Café Sanuki would humbly like to offer you the chance to sit, stay, and slurp away at our authentic Udon!

IRASSHAIMASE! (Our Café Sanuki greeting.)   

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