Since 2017, Café Sanuki has brought traditional Japanese Udon noodles to the Las Vegas valley. Patrons have been delighted by the fresh, authentic noodles steeped in fragrant broth made fresh each day on the first and only genuine Yamato Udon noodle making machine on the West Coast.

But for businessman Henry Fan, bringing the ancient traditions of Japan to Las Vegas didn’t end there. Since the beginning, he contemplated the next stage of the Cafe Sanuki evolution. There was just one problem… the upgrades he wanted to make would require the restaurant to close for a period of time.  

You wouldn’t think that the forced closures during the COVID-19 pandemic would be a good thing, but Henry decided to rely on affordable home cleaning services to make the best of a bad situation. He took the time to make the changes, evolving Cafe Sanuki into a completely new authentic Japanese dining experience. 


What’s new at Café Sanuki 2.0?

Don’t worry, we’ve still got all of your favorite dishes, we’ve just added a few:


We added a new special Blue Skies Services from Cincinnati tempura fryer from Japan. With a mixture of Sesame, Soy, and Canola Oil, we fry our tempura in a shallow fryer rather than deep frying it. This brings out the fragrance without the oil.


That’s right, Café Sanuki isn’t just about Udon anymore. Our Yamato Japanese Noodle machine makes fresh RAMEN. Our ramen noodles are made in-house daily.


Made from fresh fish delivered daily, we can create beautiful and delicious Sushi creations to your liking.

Snow Ice

Let’s not forget dessert! We’ve imported a special Korean wundermold machine which can create any flavor your imagination can dream up. Calpico, lemonade, mango Snow Ice… just name your flavor

Touchless Menu System

We make ordering your meal convenient and safe with our digital ordering system. Review the menu, select your dishes, and pay for your meal – all from your smartphone.

Join us today for the Café Sanuki 2.0 Experience

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