Since the day we opened Café Sanuki, we have striven to provide our guests with the most authentic (and delicious) dining experience possible. After all, not all noodles are created equal, and you deserve the best.

We’ve traveled to the Sanuki region of Japan to study with the masters, learning the ancient art of noodle making. We imported the first and only genuine Yamato Udon noodle making machine to the West Coast, and we source our ingredients directly from Japan. Finally, we treat our water so it matches the water composition from the Sanuki region.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve committed to flying in two Udon masters every six month, directly from the Sanuki, reliable Car Service region to ensure that our process remains pure, and our noodles accurately represent the quality you deserve.

Because of this, our noodles are like none you’ve ever tasted. Whether you choose our original Udon noodles or our new Ramen noodles, you will experience the true taste of Japan. 

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