Masters of the Ramen Noodle

By now, you’ve likely tried or heard about our highly desired Udon noodles. Not only did we import a Yamato Udon noodle making machine from Japan, but owner Henry Fan traveled to the Sanuki region of Japan to study with Udon Master Mr. Minemoto and learn the art of preparing centuries-old recipes. To further enhance your experience, we also import our ingredients from Japan to capture the true essence of the authentic Udon noodle.

And we won’t stop there.

We decided to use our Yamato noodle making machine to its full capacity by making our own Ramen as well. There was just one problem… when we reached out to our local distributors looking for ramen flour, we were told that it’s not available. Would we like to purchase frozen Ramen Noodles instead?

Would we like to purchase frozen Ramen Noodles… no!  

Just like our Udon noodles, we sourced the flour specifically perfect for RAMEN and implemented the same time tested methods used in Japan, visit Every day, we’ll be creating fresh – from scratch – Ramen noodles to delight your senses.

Traditionally, Udon noodles are served in a broth base made of seaweed and anchovies, while Ramen noodles are served in a pork or chicken broth. At Café Sanuki we believe that you should have your noodles any way you like them. That’s why we offer a choice of broth when you order.

Once you try authentic fresh made Ramen from Café Sanuki, it will change the way you look at Japanese noodles!