Leave Some Room for Dessert

Summer is here in Las Vegas and with temps over 100 degrees, no meal is complete without a refreshing Snow Ice to cap off your dining experience. 

But at Café Sanuki, we don’t do anything halfway. Rather than relying on the typical snow-cone machine that most businesses use, we ordered a special snow ice machine straight from Korea. 

This innovative machine turns large cylinders of water or milk-enriched ice into the lightest, fluffiest ice you’ve ever seen. It’s like escaping to a snow-capped mountain in the middle of the desert. The snow ice is as soft as cotton and melts immediately in your mouth.

Then, we add in the flavor. Your dessert is limited only by your imagination as you can combine multiple syrups to create your own delightful delicacy. You can choose from our variety of toppings https://dustandmop.com/ from fresh fruits, jelly, boba, and mochi, then decide on a variety of syrups to flavor your ice.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your snow ice topping-free, but if you dare to get even more creative, we’ve got a variety of toppings to spice up your frozen treat further. These include 

Our Snow Ice desserts are sure to be a sweet ending to a wonderful meal.