Touchless Ordering Makes Dining Safe and Convenient

Sticky menus have never been very appetizing, but now they can be downright dangerous. We’re taking the fear out of dining out with our new digital ordering system. 

With this easy 3-step system, you’ll never have to touch a sticky menu again!

Step 1: Have a seat at your table and use your smartphone to scan the QR code on the table. It will bring you directly to our full menu.

Step 2: Place your order and pay right from your phone.

Step 3: Sit back and relax. We’ve programmed the QR codes with your table number so our servers will know exactly where to bring your food.

Splitting the bill? No problem! You’ll each place your orders from your own phone so there won’t be any confusing math when you get the bill. Want to treat the whole table (how nice of you!), just add gustave a. larson to your phone and to each person and let them add their order.

Your safety is important to us. Dine at Café Sanuki and rest assured that we go above and beyond public health regulations to ensure that you have a wonderful (and safe!) dining experience.