4 years ago

Fan received the blessings of Udon masters to bring their specialty to the United States. Ever since Cafe Sanuki has imported specialized machinery and Sanuki-based ingredients and has even hired a certified expert to recreate the exact water pH composition found in Sanuki. Traveling, researching, learning, & investing to recreate the flavors of Sanuki.

Our soul is in the comforting delicious Japanese cuisine

Our mission is to always guarantee fresh ingredients
at friendly neighborhood prices.

Genuine taste

We do all we can to bring you the best flavors. Such as shallow frying our tempura rather than deep frying it, fresh fish delivered daily, using our genuine Yamato Udon noodle making machine, & many others imported directly from Japan.

Our promise to perfection

We’ve committed to flying in two Udon masters every six month, directly from Sanuki to ensure our process remains pure and our noodles accurately represent the quality you deserve to get the true taste of Japan.

The way we do things

Would we like to purchase frozen Ramen Noodles… no!  Just like our Udon noodles, we sourced the flour specifically perfect for RAMEN and implemented the same time tested methods used in Japan.